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Simply Soap


Six divine flavours 
in luscious smooth bars, 
made from the highest quality ingredients, 
with added goats milk.


Made, packaged and signed by hand 
in Durham, England.



Simple Pricing


2.25 per bar / 6 for 12


Postage for 1-6 bars - 3.00


Now, which ones to choose . . . 




poshwosh handmade soap from Durham, North East England


Thank you for taking the time to find out a bit more about us!


PoshWosh is a joint venture between me and my husband, Cameron. While the design and manufacture of the soap is all down to me, Cameron advises on the service element of the business. Together we want nothing more than for each individual customer to know how important they are.  


The three of us - me, him and you - can all do our bit to make the world a better place. And that doesn't just mean cleaner and more moisturised! 


Our ethics are at the heart of our business: 

  • hard work; 
  • high regard for our environmental impact; 
  • the importance of mental well-being; 
  • and our role in the local community.

Where PoshWosh will take us, we don't know.  Right now, it is a new company in Langley Park, 4 miles west of Durham City - and we love it.


We will do all we can to help you love it too! 



Anne Marie Gordon 

BA(Hons), GCSS


What our kind customers have said:


"At last - a soap I'm not allergic to. And the colours are fab too!"


"I absolutely love these soaps, made with goats milk, they leave my skin feeling lovely (they smell nice without being overpowering)" 


"You have eased my xmas shopping angst immensely! Thank you x"


"Absolutely love PoshWosh! Makes my face feel Smoothy Smooth!"


"Just had a shower with my orange soap, upstairs smells divine x"






"You're going to love this soap"


"Even my son likes getting washed now"


"Loving your soap, as did my mum"


"Just bought coconut soap reminds me of holidays i think i will be buying more ideal gifts !"


"have just started the coconut one. It's lush and my skin seems to like it too which is rare!"


"Just to let you know, I used my first bar of soap (lemon) this morning and its divine! I felt so clean after and my skin smelt gorgeous. Reminded me of sherbet lemon."






Member of:


The Guild of Craft Soap and Toiletry Makers


The European Directory of Soap and Cosmetic Makers